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Ilka Müller-Patham

The first step you do, leads you the way. In front of you, a life full of learning, happiness, and well-being – for your body and soul. Let me be with you along your way.


In my work as a yoga teacher, bodywork practitioner, and mentor, I focus on a holistic approach. Every being has its own sufferings and struggles. We will together find the right treatment and practice for you. It's a lifetime of learning and we will go side by side. Let me hold your hand.


I practice yoga for more then 16 years. After my own learnings of life, I am finding more and more peace in the practice of Ashtang Yog, the eight limbs of yoga. I am a certified Teacher for Iyengar & Hatha Yoga, certified in Acupressure, and in Thai Yoga Bodywork. I am certified from the Thai Healing Academy for Sciatica therapy treatment and are specialized for spine, neck and shoulder body work. Feet, hands, face and abdominal massage are other fields I love to work on and are appreciated by my clients.

Breathing, the activation of the parasympathetic system and energy balancing is playing a dominant role in my treatments.


In my holistic approach every session is created to the clients needs, touching the physical, energetic and emotional body.


Learning never stops. Currently, I live in Goa, India, teaching and practicing in India and Europe.

Hatha and restorative Yoga Classes

Please get in contact for private classes, also available online.

Online Yoga und Pranayama Unterricht

für das Immunsystem und für den Ausbau der Lungengesundheit


Montags-Samstags 8.00-9.00 Uhr deutsche Zeit (11.30-12.30 IST)


"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,

you touch everything."

- Lao Tzu 


We will work together on a specific program according to your needs and sufferings. Be it back pain, weight loss, depression and anxiety, hormonal issues, low immunity or others. Based on Iyengar Yoga and Ayurvedic principles I will create a holistic guide, curated for your specific needs and lifestyle situation.  Only private classes available at the moment.


This is a unique massage, based on Thai Yoga Bodywork and my own learnings of Acupressure and Yoga. It is without oil and the body is covered. It will be worked on the energy lines, trigger points, and fascia release. Specific treatment for each customer.


With acupressure, you can work on many different sufferings of your body and soul. Based on Chinese medicine, it is a little more gentle than Acupuncture, only working with the pressure of the thumb or pen.


I offer yoga, acupressure or massage workshops with different subjects, for example hormonal balancing, PMS, infertility, back pain and sciatica,  improving the immunsystem a.o.


Radhika, India

Ilka has an incredibly calming energy. I credit her with helping me to truly understand the value yoga brings to my life - I was never ever regular with my practice before! She gave me those little tips that are so important for alignment especially for a beginner, but most importantly she tailored her teaching to my specific needs. I'm now happily a Ýoga Girl’

Elke und Uli.jpg

Ulrich und Elke Müller, Germany

Endlich werden meine Rückenbeschwerden besser und auch meine Atmung ist mir viel bewusster geworden.
Jetzt nach 15 Yogastunden kommt der Erfolg!
Ich bewundere deine Geduld."

"Aufgestanden: ich: nein, jetzt Yoga?
Atmen, bewegen, entspannen puuuuuuh
Nach der Stunde: entspannt! besser atmen! einfach  ein gutes Gefühl!"



Pia, India

I’ve pretty much spent my whole adult life searching for the perfect massage, or perhaps the perfect masseuse. Someone in whose presence I can feel safe and held - and destiny lead me to Ilka who also happens to be my neighbour.

She came highly recommended by my friend Isha and I am so glad I acted on the recommendation. The massage was just the right balance of pressure and gentleness and she knows intuitively how to get to those knots! Her massage space is quiet and restorative, and I drifted off into a zone that I haven’t experienced with a masseuse before.

Thank you Ilka, for your work! And for providing your clients with such deep levels of relaxation and stillness.


Shanto, India

A Healing Touch
I am normally very skeptical about giving my body to someone for physical work. Had met Ilka before and felt totally right to get Thai massage from her. It was a healing journey for me and much more than just physical work. She is intuitive and responsive to the needs of the body and emotions. That session and the following sessions did help me to release and be aware of my issues. Totally recommend to get treatment from her.



Yoga Classes in Assagao, Goa, India and online

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